I am positive I'm not alone in this feeling. Everyone around you is buzzing about how a certain film's 3D was so immersive, captivating, jaw-dropping, mind bending, and so on and so on. Then you finally get around to shelling out the extra $5 for the goofy glasses and you walk out of the theater a little bewildered. After this happens more than once you start to wonder..."Does 3D just not work on me?"

Well, it may not. Obviously if you only have a single functional eye the added depth perception may be a little out of reach, but the inability to perceive 3D isn't relegated to just the cyclopes of the world; people with an otherwise-healthy set of peepers may be out of the loop as well. Lee Owen at the blog Shadowlocked has a great break down of a few of the conditions that may make someone with stereovision unable to enjoy a film presented using stereoscopic 3D.
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