Mega Piranha, directed by Eric Forsberg, 2010

Not all Syfy channel movies are created equally. Some are created by The Asylum and anyone who has seen Snakes on a Train or Transmorphers knows exactly what that means; low budgets backing completely nonsensical scripts brought to life by poor actors reacting to even poorer computer generated imagery. I know that's what most people expect from films that premiere on the Syfy channel, but some of them really aren't that bad. Some are a lot of fun because they're actually ambitious. What's the opposite of ambitious, though? Oh, yeah; the Asylum.

Sure, it's funny to see piranha double in size until they're jumping in and out of rivers like flying double-decker buses. And sure, I love lines like "We should have doubled the killatons", but Forsberg's film is just too damned boring for a movie called Mega Piranha. It delivers exactly what you expect and nothing more.
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