When Rachel Weisz told the London Times last week that she'd had a softening influence on Darren Aronofsky's filmmaking, she wasn't kidding. According to Entertainment Weekly, husband and wife are teaming up for a Jackie Kennedy biopic, with Weisz playing the tragic first lady.

The script was penned by Noah Oppenheim, and seemed destined for Steven Spielberg and HBO, but has caught the eye of Aronofsky and his producing partner Scott Franklin instead. Biopic is probably the wrong word for the script, as the story doesn't trace Jackie from her life as a Bouvier to the White House, but will simply focus on the four days between Kennedy's assassination and his burial "showing the beloved Jackie at both her most vulnerable and her most graceful." It's certainly one of the most iconic stretches of Ms. Kennedy's life -- from her refusal to remove her bloodstained suit to her leading the Washington D.C. funeral procession on foot. It's also when she coined the description of Kennedy's presidency as "Camelot" to Life Magazine.

The film has yet to find a studio or distributor, and it doesn't have a start date. But given the subject matter, its leading lady, Aronofsky's new, post-Wrestler buzz, and Oppenheim's popular script, I'm sure that will change. And is there any doubt it will be a classy, tragic, haunting little film? Neither Aronofsky or Weisz are amateurs, and they worked beautifully together in The Fountain. It's not normally a film I might be interested in, but with their touch, I'm eager to see where it goes.
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