Last month a documentary titled 11/4/08, about that historical date of Barack Obama's election, had its world premiere at SXSW (Cinematicalunveiled the poster ahead of the fest). If you saw it there -- or if you'll be seeing it this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival -- your experience of the film was not -- or will not be -- complete. It can be considered an unfinished film, though not in the same way that other works in progress screen at film fests and markets in order to acquire additional funding and/or pre-sale distribution deals. Rather, 11/4/08 is an ongoing project that's continuing to look for additional footage that may be affixed to or otherwise supplement the film.

This documentary is similar to last week's Doc Talk spotlight, Awesome I F*ckin' Shot That, in that it was produced through "crowdsourcing," meaning that it was shot by a number of unrelated camerapersons, on assignment, and then compiled in the editing room from that footage. However, unlike Awesome, 11/4/08 might grow as more and more amateur filmmakers from around the world send in their own contributions, specifically videos shot on and depicting the Election Day of 2008. The most recently uploaded video presents a celebration of Obama's victory in Abuja, Nigeria.