Every Marvel hero needs a girl worth fighting for (or with), even if you're ostensibly fighting for Lady Liberty as Captain America is. According to Marvel Studios, Chris Evans' Cap has his in Hayley Atwell, who will be playing Peggy Carter inthe now retitledCaptain America: The First Avenger.

Peggy Carter isn't the most exciting character of the Marvel Universe. A Virginia-born girl who somehow managed to get to France and join the French Resistance, Cap and Peggy met while they were pursuing their mutual interest of killing Nazis. After a passionate romance, the couple was parted by war, Gestapo imprisonment, amnesia, and suspended animation. They did meet again in the 1950s, but their love didn't really survive all of those traumas. In the end, Cap really does love America more than any mortal woman. Would you really expect anything less?

Joe Johnston and Marvel say Carter's story will be "updated", so presumably she'll stay a hunter of Nazis, but won't suffer the amnesia and crippling Victorian grief that she did in the original storyline. (She may even hang on for a sequel or two, given how long these Marvel contracts run.) I think there's probably a major clue in the fact that the movie Carter is an Englishwoman, and there's no doubt she'll stay English since Marvel was circling around British actresses for the role. (Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt were both rumored to be up for the part.) Will she be a member of the Women's Land Army, or the ARP? I hope so. If you're going to set it in World War II, you better add some real history, and remind everyone war isn't always a man's game.

Do you like the Hayley Atwell choice?
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