Family wearing 3-D glasses
As a small child in 1986, I sat down in a Disneyland theater to watch a 17-minute short called 'Captain EO' in 3-D. The Supreme Leader's long fingernails seemed like they were going to scratch my face. I just knew I could reach out and touch Michael Jackson's furry sidekick, Fuzzball.

'Captain EO' just came out of Disney's vault and is playing again at Disneyland. When I saw it recently, I was reminded how great 3-D can be: you forget you're wearing dorky-looking glasses, and you really feel that you're a part of the action.

Then I went to see 'Clash of the Titans' in 3-D, and now I'm wondering: Can truly great 3-D be sustained for two hours? And, is the extra four dollars worth it?
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