While Joss Whedon's name had been floated around with regards to directing Marvel's Avengers movie, I don't think anyone actually thought he'd get the job. I mean, let's face it: Whedon tends to get screwed by Hollywood constantly. They screwed him out of a Wonder Woman movie, they've canceled his television shows and, well, just when you think the dude is finally gonna land a groovy project, someone has been there to swipe the carpet right out from under him.

Not this time ... we hope.

Deadline is reporting that Joss motherf**kin Whedon is in final negotiations to direct what could possibly be the most anticipated film of the decade (for the fanboy community, at least): Marvel's The Avengers. (It should be noted that IESB originally sparked the Whedon rumor earlier this month.) This is the film that Marvel has been working toward for some time now; the massive superhero team-up flick that will include characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Nick Fury and many others, all hanging around together, fightin' bad guys and whatnot. If you're 16 and read a lot of comics, then this film could be the equivalent of losing your virginity to a Playboy model on top of a champagne waterfall. It has the potential to be that insane. And to have Joss Whedon direct the thing? I wouldn't be surprised if 150 geeks pass out just reading this post.

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