Long before becoming the toast of festivals and fan events like SXSW and WonderCon, the superhero comedy 'Kick-Ass' was viewed by Hollywood studios as something more akin to kryptonite than gold. Comic book creator Mark Millar has said that every distributor in town passed on it, forcing director Matthew Vaughn ('Layer Cake') to raise its reported $30 million budget on his own (before then selling it back to a studio, Lionsgate).

Now, the buzz surrounding the film -- and its 13-year-old, ass-kicking anti-ingénue Chloe Moretz, especially -- couldn't be any louder.

We caught up with Moretz and co-stars Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Clarke Duke as they made the publicity rounds at San Francisco's WonderCon to discuss, among other things, whether the film is in danger of nearing levels of overhype ("What, like 'Snakes on a Plane'?" Duke shot back.)
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