It's time to feed your inner movie geek and head to the movie clubs for fan-flavored discussion:

SciFi Squad jumped into The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension this week, and John Gholson noted that the film "is energetic and odd, but I'm more impressed by the overall creativity on display than I am with the film itself." That, plus John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum, and Christopher Lloyd should count for something, so head over there and share your $.02.

Meanwhile, Horror Squad delighted in all things Phantasm. Mike Bracken writes: "I've always liked the nightmare logic of Phantasm because it never allows the viewer to get settled. Many horror films wander off the rails because they're predictable. ... Phantasm works on a much deeper and darker level and I love it for that."

Finally, I tackled the dangerous world of male modeling and Zoolander: "rarely -- very rarely -- a film gets better and better with each revisit. For me, it's pretty much unheard of. Nevertheless, Zoolander keeps getting funnier." According to the comments thus far, readers seem to agree.

Stay tuned to the Squads this Friday for the next round. (Pst - the cat's let out of the bag at Horror Squad -- Scott Weinberg will be doing Session 9 next!) And, as usual, tune in Friday for my #cinemovieclub look at the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Rear Window.
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