The other day I revisited my oid friends the Torrances at the Overlook Hotel. I lament the length of time that has passed since my last viewing of The Shining and my recent revisit instilled an even deeper love for Kubrick's horror classic. I was watching with my wife who had never seen the film and I believe somehow her lack of preconception permeated the room and affected my experience. As I sat and watched the Blu-ray, an immaculate transfer by the way, it was as if I were watching it with fresh eyes and an entirely unclaimed perspective. If someone had asked me prior to this viewing what makes The Shining so great, of the merits I could list ad nauseum, the score would be sadly absent.

But on this particular occasion, as let the opening credits wash over my eyeballs, my ears beheld the personally-neglected greatness that is the music of The Shining.
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