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Donkey relaxes with a woman in lingerie, while Shrek and Fiona cavort with leather-clad models, and a male slave feeds grapes to Puss-In-Boots. Is this a sexed-up new scene from Shrek Forever After? Nope. It's a bait-and-switch photo spread from Vman, a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine. I'm not sure what Paramount was hoping for, but I don't think it was something as unsettlingly incongruous as this. Hollywood Reporter talked to a Paramount spokesman who expressed regret over the bizarre shoot, "While we do respect Vman's creative vision, the shoot did not turn out the way originally envisioned when the idea was first presented by the magazine."

I'll say. Beyond the trashy, not-so-PG nature of the pics, there's the compositions themselves, most of which look like the computer-generated characters were just unprofessionally dropped into weird photos of gangly, shirtless male models, flailing and leaping. You can see a few of the images below and the entire set at Vman's site and judge for yourself.

I can't imagine that Paramount or Dreamworks Animation didn't get some kind of final say in the spread, which gives the whole thing the particular stink of a publicity stunt gone wrong. Will it pay off? Ultimately, I don't think it will matter. The Shrek series has always carried the tiniest bit of an adult edge, and the franchise is too much of a box office juggernaut at this point. The pictures would have to actually be X-rated to affect its opening weekend (May 21).

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