Even if you didn't know Russell Brand's personal history, you might assume that he probably took controlled substances of some kind from time to time; even during cushy gigs like his hosting stints on the MTV Video Music Awards, Brand is irreverent, dirty, and sometimes shockingly inappropriate – much to the entertainment of his grown-up fans. But it turns out that his acting roles, particularly in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and its forthcoming follow-up, Get Him to the Greek, where he plays a drug-addled rock star named Aldous Snow, are no longer the stuff of art imitating life. When Cinematical spoke to him on the set of Greek last summer, the comedian and actor talked at length about the challenges – and as he saw it, opportunities – to poke fun at his former persona and take the next step in his burgeoning film career.

Rather than simply recounting details about the production, which will no doubt be revealed in due time by the good folks at Universal, the film's distributor, Cinematical has assembled a collection of choice quotes from Brand about his own history as a heroin user, making that funny on film, tackling other on-screen addictions, and finally, finding the right person to play him when time comes to actually tell his own story.