Mike Davis' Sex Galaxy is being dubbed the first ever "green movie", but most people aren't focusing on the environmentally friendly message. They're more interested in the planet full of hot, nymphomaniac babes that a crew of astronauts encounter during one of their missions. Can you blame them?

Davis wrote, produced and directed the sci-fi comedy, which recently celebrated its DVD release at The Polly Staffle Grindhouse Festival in an earthly city of sin -- Las Vegas. Sex Galaxy was made by editing together stock footage and clips from the public domain, which supports Davis' goal of making "wild and entertaining flicks out of old, recycled footage." He cites Sex Galaxy as the test pilot for this technique and plans on creating more.

Judging by the movie's plot, there seems to be a somewhat hefty message behind Davis' story. Sex Galaxy takes place after sex has been declared illegal on Earth due to overpopulation and the effects of global warming. Lusty space kittens abound. But is this really about spreading the green gospel and making social commentary on environmental issues or is Davis merely using hot-button issues to make his softcore farce seem more relevant? It's hard to say without having seen the film, but I know which way I'm leaning.

Hit the jump to check out Sex Galaxy's trailer and let us know what you think.
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