You'd think Jaws 3would have been enough to convince Universal that 3D wasn't the way to go for any future Jawsinstallments. I mean, is there a more awful example of the studios' attempts at 3D films in 1983 than Joe Alves' tale of a Great White Shark eating people at Sea World? If there is, I've blocked it from memory.

However, since no one can get a new Jaws film off the ground (thank god, because some of the ideas have been ludicrous), producer Richard Zanuck is talking about the next best thing--taking the original and converting it to 3D. Zanuck broached the topic with the LA Times recently, and they shared this bit of troubling news.

"Zanuck and Spielberg spoke a few years ago about going back to the original film with the digital paintbrush of CG effects to create a more horrific predator. They decided, for the time being, to leave the film alone, although Zanuck says he is intrigued by the notion of adding 3D effects to the 1976 classic for a theatrical re-release."

Hear that? That's me screaming "nooooooo!" at the top of my lungs, while on my knees looking at the sky.

Jump past the break for some reasons why this is the worst idea in the history of mankind.

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