Best of the New Releases: A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray

I realize that it's technically a catalog title but the Blu-ray release of A Nightmare on Elm Street is brand-spanking new and pretty awesome as well. I'll have a more in-depth review up later this week, comparing the new disc to both the previously available Canadian Blu-ray, as well as the standard DVD included in the old Nightmare Collection box set, but I will go ahead and say that this new US Blu-ray looks and sounds great, especially for a film from 1984.

And speaking of that old Nightmare box set, it's obvious that New Line/Warner Brothers is trying to cash in on the new Platinum Dunes remake slated for release at the end of the month. In addition to the nicely restored original film on Blu-ray, they've also put out a brand-new box set including all 7 Nightmare films as well as Freddy vs. Jason. The good news is that it's relatively cheap, selling on Amazon for about $38 right now, and that unlike the From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set that Paramount dumped on Jason, all 8 Freddy films are on 8 separate discs, no doubling up or flipper discs here. The bad news is that they've completely stripped all of the special features found in the original box set as well as removing the Nightmare Encyclopedia disc included in that set which was a treasure chest of special features from the entire series. If the bare bones films are all you're after, you could do worse than this new set, but the old set still trumps it soundly if you can find it.
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