Things are not well in Twilight Land. According to LaineyGossip, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- which is slated to hit screens in just a few months -- isn't ready yet. Sources have told the site that there are key scenes that need to be redone, which include Bella and Edward in their beloved meadow and some fight sequences. So far, they don't know exactly when they'll do it. It seems that Robert Pattinson's schedule is making things tricky, and now they're hoping to squeeze 7 days of shooting into three fun-filled, 18-hour days. But when isn't the only big question plaguing the production. The bigger question is: Who will shoot the scenes?

In a wholly unsurprising twist, Eclipse director David Slade is not having a fun time with Summit. Creative differences have "supposedly deteriorated to the point that they were actually considering hiring someone else to re-shoot in Vancouver." Things between the director and studio has since improved, but no agreements have been made. Nevertheless, Summit is, in fact, so desperate that they've even looked to the director they tossed aside. It seems that both Chris WeitzandCatherine Hardwicke (who is currently in Vancouver) have been considered. The latter has even secretly scouted space for the re-shoot.

It's probably safe to say that Eclipse won't be quite the dark Slade-fest some hoped for, considering the creative differences and source material. But when all is said and done, will it be a worthy sequel or an all-out, re-shot mess? It's not a good sign when two of the key scenes from the novel need to be redone this late in the game. And just what were those creative differences, anyway?

UPDATE: reports that some pick-up scenes (not re-shoots) are underway with director David Slade, and also that no other directors have been brought in. More right here. --sw
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