Last week, Warner Home Video released the theatrical cut of the Lord of the Rings films on Blu-ray, prompting speculation about the differences between the new release and previous ones, and invoking fanboy frustration at the absence of the Extended Editions in a high-definition format. (Click here to check out my review here on Cinematical.) Subsequently, I spoke to both Ringseffects guru Richard Taylor and DVD and Blu-ray producer Michael Pellerin, each of whom offered opinions and insights into the process of upgrading the films and fleshing out their already-substantial spate of bonus content. And while Taylor's considerable expertise on Lord of the Rings unfortunately didn't extend to the home-video iterations of the films, Pellerin provided some new and specific information about both this Blu-ray release, and potential future ones, that will no doubt have fans of the franchise buzzing with excitement.

During a telephone interview last week for Hollywood News, Pellerin explained first and foremost that the transfers on last week's release were different and for many reasons better than even the high-definition versions that were used for cable broadcasts of the trilogy.
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