It's hard to believe that there's anyone left in America who didn't catch James Cameron's Avatar on the big screen (it is the top grossing film in the history of cinema, after all), but maybe you didn't catch it in IMAX 3D. If that's the case, AMC Theaters has you covered.

In preparation for the film's DVD and Blu-ray release this April 22nd, AMC will be showing Avatar on 60 screens in 28 cities across the country. The limited re-release is only for Friday, April 16th and Saturday, April 17th, so my advice is to get there early if you want a final opportunity to see one of the biggest movies of all-time in the way it was meant to be seen -- especially since the Thursday DVD and Blu-ray release is a mostly bare-bones package.

Hit the jump for a full listing of theaters and cities. For those of you actually living under a rock, here is our own Todd Gilchrist's Avatar review.