Let's face it, Hollywood is full of unoriginal ideas; just look at the disproportionate number of films based on books, plays, TV shows and even Broadway musicals that were themselves based on movies. But every now and then, that most unoriginal of green-lit ideas, the remake of a popular or critically acclaimed movie -- like current releases 'Clash of the Titans,''Death at a Funeral' and the upcoming 'Nightmare on Elm Street' reload -- can yield a film that equals, or in rare cases, surpasses the original.

After navigating tricky waters and narrowing down the definition of a remake to a movie clearly based on another feature-length film (and not, say, yet another adaptation of a classic text like a Shakespearean play or a Jane Austen novel), here is our list of the 25 best. That means you won't find adaptations like 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' shorts-based films a la '12 Monkeys,' or reinterpretations like 'Clueless' or 'Moulin Rouge.'
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