Welcome to Captain's Log -- your round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening:

Time travel sounds great and all, but what about the practical concerns? How to Be a Retronaut shares a handy poster every time machine needs.

Guy Maddin filmed a short for the NFB last year. The premise: An inventor harnesses the power of the Aurora Borealis in 1939. Now the NFB has it online.

Super Punch shares a villain's lair commissioned by Etsy.

According to SciFi Wire, GM and NASA have created a space robot, pushing us one step closer to Cylons, but still many steps away from Number Six.

Is Star Wars the most awesome thing ever? [via Neatorama]

BoingBoing spots a steampunk VTR controller.

And Jonny Quest gets an update from Comic Artists at io9. Of course, the best update is The Venture Bros., which will premiere Season 4.2 this August.
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