He was introduced to the world as McLovin, the badass, fake ID-wielding rebel without a cause in the raunchy high school comedy 'Superbad.' Next he sliced and diced his way through medieval battlefields in 'Role Models.' Now, Christopher Mintz-Plasse takes the next logical step in his Hollywood trajectory: he plays a superhero/antagonist, Red Mist, in 'Kick-Ass.'

Moviefone sat down with the rising star Mintz-Plasse for an exclusive chat -- but unfortunately onceagain we were paired with a reporter from Asylum.com, AOL's men's lifestyle site (though judging from the questions of one Anthony Layser, mostly centered around dating in Hollywood, you'd think the guy slung ink for InTouchWeekly ... or LameQuestionsMonthly).

Deep insight into a young actor's career -- and a three-way chest-bump -- ensued.
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