Last year, word hit that Lars Von Trier was following Antichrist up with a little Melancholia. No, it's not a follow-up to Erik Nietzsche: The Early Years -- no matter how perfectly the title describes Von Trier's emotional issues -- it's a science fiction film that just got itself one surprising cast. Deadline reports that Kirsten Dunst, Ms. Mary Jane herself, is going to star, alongside Antichrist'sCharlotte Gainsbourg, Charlotte Rampling, Kiefer Sutherland, Alexander Skarsgard, Stellan Skarsgard, and Udo Kier. Be still my Lars-loving heart! Penelope Cruz even circled the project, but had a brain tumor for breakfast and chose to do Pirates of the Caribbean 4 instead.

Created under the chipper idea of "No more happy endings!," Melancholia refers to "Planet Melancholia," a huge planet hovering dangerously close to Earth. That's all that's being shared about the plot, although the description of "psychological drama-cum-disaster movie," teamed with the idea of no happy endings, should give you a clue as to how this sucker will play out. The film has a modest $7 mil price tag, and will use only a moderate amount of effects, although presumably a lot more than chalk outlines.

Some of the director's most notable work comes from unlikely stars, whether we're talking Bjork in Dancer in the Dark or Nicole Kidman in Dogville, so this bodes very well for the actress that has had a lot of shmeh work lately. Will Von Trier tap into the inner actor that made Dunst a big name with her vampiric Claudia all those years ago? What will Von Trier's idea of disaster-centric scifi look like?
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