By Kevin Kelly (reprinted from 1/29/10 -- Sundance Film Festival)

What is art? This is not a question the film Exit Through The Gift Shop, which is "directed" by famous street artist Banksy, attempts to answer. However, it is a question that you'll be asking yourself after watching this documentary. I say "directed" because this is a film that stumbled towards completion, and no one set out to make it. Confused yet? Good. Banksy probably wants you exactly that way. He's managed to keep his identity a secret all these years, and has narrowly escaped arrest at places like Disneyland while creating his art.

But that's not what this movie is about, and Banksy is only the subject in a peripheral fashion. He didn't attempt to make this film, and it's strange that he's calling himself the director. Or actually, it's called "A Banksy Film," which makes me think he might just be screwing with us, the same way he does with his identity and his artwork. Or is the real purpose to show you that artwork can be whatever you want it to be, including this film? I can't answer that, but I'll try and sum up what we watched.
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