In my opinion, it was a very, very sad day for my home state of New York when Eliot Spitzer was forced to step down as Governor after it was revealed he was seeing prostitutes. Spitzer -- nicknamed "The Sheriff of Wall Street" -- was quick and smart, and he would've done some great things while in office. Unfortunately, he wasn't always thinking with the right head, and it eventually landed him in hot water. The smoke has finally cleared, though, and while Spitzer begins to make his comeback (by writing books, teaching classes at local colleges and even hosting news programs), the whole what-to-do is about to be rehashed at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival when famed documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney screens a work-in-progress cut of his untitled Eliot Spitzer film.
has debuted the first clip from the film (watch it after the jump) -- which is said to document the rise and fall of Spitzer -- and it's a doozy. In it, we hear from the former CEO of Emperors Club VIP (which is the prostitution club that Spitzer was involved in), who goes off on how paranoid Spitzer was whenever he tried to book an appointment -- afraid that at any minute his entire career could crumble before him -- and yet he still pursued the girls and the sex because it was just too enticing. Spitzer also pops up in the clip -- clearly frazzled when discussing this whole situation -- but still readily admitting that that at the time of his involvement with these girls, he was at the top of his political career.

Gibney's doc is sure to be one of the hottest tickets in town when it premieres on Saturday, April 24th, and, as always, Cinematical will be there to let you know what we think.