Years ago, a sick murderer was burned alive by a mob eager to have justice. Rather than drowning in the pits of hell, Freddy Krueger slipped into the world of nightmares, his burned face bringing new meaning to things that go bump in the night. Back in the '80s, Robert Englund was the keeper of the face, a humorous snarl always showing through the ravaged skin and visible tissue. Now, it's Jackie Earle Haley's turn with the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the face is just a little bit ... different.

After months of waiting, April has brought us our first real, human peeks at the new Freddy face. For the most part it's the same -- just a softer, more real-human-flesh version. Krueger's face looks freshly burned rather than leathery, the nose more realistically melted, rather than surviving firm and intact. And all that helps with the increased creep -- if you check out the film clip after the jump, there's no banter, no wry jokes. It's all serious stalking with the intent to kill.

So, what do you think? Are you excited about the sinister changes Krueger has undergone? Do you like the updated face, or do you prefer version 1.0?