Movies that feature giant animals tearing up the place, whether it's birds, shark/dinosaur hybrids, or Mongolian death worms, are typically relegated to the confines of that bastion of horribly hilarious cinema, the SyFy channel. It is, however, refreshing to see a giant animal film that breaks free from SyFy's clutches and actually makes an attempt to exert some sort of effort in not being horrible As Arrow in the Head has brought to our attention, that film might very well be Bear.

Written by Ethan Wiley and Roel Reine and marking the feature directorial debut of John Rebel, Bear appears to offer more than just your standard "man vs. human" affair. "The film centers on two young couples driving through a remote forest when their car breaks down. After a curious grizzly bear wanders in and gets shot to death, the couples' hopes of a little peace and tranquility is dashed when the deceased bear's mate arrives on scene and begins to exact its revenge on the terrified foursome. As the intelligent bear continues to wreak havoc on their van, the group trapped inside must find a way to survive. In the process, however, terrible secrets come to light that threaten to tear the group apart before the bear does."
Echoing the sentiments of Arrow, that's one Hell of a concept for a movie simply titled Bear. Despite some questionable dialogue featured in the trailer, I'm certainly not ashamed to say I'm interested in this one. At the very least it'll be a hair more entertaining than Grizzly Park, which was just hilarious in its ineptitude. Bear stars Katie Lowes, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater, Patrick Scott Lewis, Brendan Michael Coughlin and Bill Rampley, and will make its first appearance on June 1st in the Netherlands. Check out the trailer over at Arrow in the Head.
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