Now that Joss Whedon is directing The Avengers, the rumor mill will start churning with dreams of Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau. But there's at least one angle you can believe, and that's Whedon putting his pen to paper. After all, that's what he's known for. So if sources are reporting that Whedon will be rewriting Zak Penn's script for The Avengers, you can believe it. It's logical. More logical than Fillion appearing as all of the Avengers, as will inevitably be rumored by someone!

But Pajiba is also reporting that Whedon may be rewriting another script, one that's set to film a lot sooner than Avengers: Captain America: The First Avenger. Ugly rumors have surrounded Captain America's script, and it was rumored to be undergoing major rewrites when Chris Evans was cast. It needs work, and it's only logical you'd let the new guy in town have a crack at it, especially when he has a reputation for being pretty good with dialogue and plots. It doesn't sound as though Whedon will do a page one rewrite, but will simply polish it up and make it prettier.

Honestly, we may have received a little clue as to one story angle that might be redone with Hayley Atwell's casting. Marvel's press release enthused over the fact that Peggy Carter's role was being "rewritten" for a modern audience. Who better to rewrite that then Whedon? Even his detractors (and there are many) agree he has a way with a strong, female character. Fans still resent the day his Wonder Woman script was dumped. Perhaps some traces of that will find their way into Captain America and Peggy Carter.

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