Last year's Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was a horribly disappointing affair. Despite a lackluster script, however, I had no real qualms with the director Patrick Tatopoulos, a creature and special effects designer who made his directorial debut with the third entry in the popular werewolves vs. vampires franchise. Having already made his mark in the world of production design, Tatopoulos will continue his work behind the director's chair for the action/horror flick Suspension.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the spec script by Scott Milam, who co-wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Mother's Day remake with Charles Kaufman, has been optioned by the production duo of Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh. In an effort to "keep more control of the branded ancillary market," the pair will finance the film independently and should start shooting in the fall.

Despite the dreaded remake stigma attached to Milam, the synopsis of Suspension sounds, well, pretty damned entertaining. The film, which is set in the German Alps in the middle of a raging gire, follows a rescue helicopter that is forced to make an emergency landing on an old suspension bridge. Trapped, the passengers' hope for survival go up in flames as they face a new kind of creature.

Many thanks to the kind folks at Arrow in the Head for bringing this to our attention.
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