Couldn't get enough of the ghostly apparitions in 2009's The Haunting in Connecticut? Then pack your bags because the supernatural entities are headed south with news that Tom Elkins has been hired to helm the follow-up, A Haunting in Georgia. Yes, it's round two of the true story shenanigans surrounding a young family who endure the chilling and mysterious events happening in their rural southern home.

Elkins will make his directorial debut in the film, after having previously served as editor on high profile titles like Wanted and The Da Vinci Code, according to THR's Heat Vision blog. He has prior horror film experience as well, serving in the same capacity on The Haunting in Connecticut.

Hopefully Elkins learned what not to do from his Connecticut experience, because that film was more of a shrill domestic melodrama than a horror film. The cool ghostie stuff was often relegated to the background so we could watch Virginia Madsen deal with her son Kyle Gallner's cancer and her deteriorating marriage. Truthfully, they could have called it A Domestic Melodrama in Connecticut and the titling would have been more accurate. Not even snipped eyelids and my boyfriendElias Koteas could save that film. Please get a new agent Elias.

Georgia would be well served by trying to actually be scary on occasion or even just focusing on the haunting once in a while. Are you blowing your ectoplasm over this project, or does your PKE Meter tell you this is another hokum haunt flick?