My much beloved Italian horror scene has been essentially dead for well over a decade and a half. Sure, Argento still gets to release horror films with Italian sensibilities, but the days when men like Lamberto Bava, Michele Soavi, and Ruggero Deodato were also filling video store shelves with spaghetti gorefests are long gone...or are they?

Over the course of the past year or so, we've seen signs of life when it comes to the Italian horror film scene. The giallo have made a small comeback (with other countries even jumping in to pay homage to the classic subgenre) and a new generation of filmmakers seem intent on revisiting the country's bloody horror roots. I'm all for that.

Our good friends at Twitch bring us a new Italian language trailer for Federico Zampaglione's Shadow, a title that looks very promising. The story isn't particularly original: a returned war veteran goes mountain biking to recover from his traumatic experience. He meets a young woman who tells him stories of a Nazi experiment camp nearby. If you guess he's going to wind up there and that it's not really abandoned, give yourself a screenwriter's credit.

The trailer looks good (despite not having any English subtitles). Some have commented that Shadow looks like a torture porn film from Italy, and the trailer certainly supports that notion. However, those who've seen the film at festivals claim it's more than just another attempt to cash in our love for extreme violence.

No word on an American release yet, but the film is preparing to make its theatrical debut in Italy. Jump past the break to check out the trailer.
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