I'll be honest with you. I could watch bite-sized clips of spooky weirdness on the internet all day long. Throw me purported images of ghosts, demons, or the dreaded chupacabra, and I'm hooked. No, I don't believe in any of it. Yes, most of them are ridiculous fakes that makes Barnum's Fiji mermaid look like the holy grail of cryptobiology, but I can't get enough of them. For decades, I had to get my fix in weekly installments of Ripley's Believe It Or Not or That's Incredible! But now, thanks to cameras and editing software falling into the hands of the unwashed masses, you can't swing a yeti pelt without hitting some droog with a camera who wants to snow you with feeble chicanery. Still, I love them all. Amateur filmmakers or Lone Gunmen wackos, the fact that they're displaying their crazy passions in 10 minute clips for the world to see delights me to no end.

The fellow who posted this video is consumed. What you are about to see is a tedious bit of madness. God bless the internet for bringing it to the surface. Maybe you've heard of the reptiles, the humanoid lizard creatures who have invaded earth for some nefarious purpose. Woghd certainly has. You see, he's the guy who sits around in coffee shops, droning on and on to whoever will listen, listing prominent politicians and celebrities who are really lizards in human skin. They're here to steal our water and mate with our women!

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