Another former child star involved with drugs and crime. But in Zac Efron's case, it's a character he'll be playing in a movie he's producing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 17 Again star could be looking at his first franchise since Disney's blockbuster TV-to-theatrical series High School Musical with an English-language remake of the recent Swedish hit Snabba Cash(Easy Money). Warner Bros. has won a bidding war for the rights, and it's likely the project will move ahead quickly or else WB may lose the opportunity altogether due to a "short fuse" clause in the studio's deal with producers.

There's surprisingly no mention of whether Warners or producers Efron, Charles Roven (The Dark Knight), Richard Suckle (The International) and Fredrik Wikstrom (the original Snabba Cash) have also optioned the rights to sequels. Snabba Cash is based on a book by Jens Lapidus, who wrote a follow-up titled Never F*ck Up and has a third installment on the way. In January, when Snabba Cash opened big in Sweden, Variety reported that Wikstrom immediately greenlit two film sequels, to be based on those novels, which will be shot back to back next year.
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