This weekend's buzz is hot and heavy for 'Kick-Ass,' an action-comedy that follows a normal, everyday comic-book loving geek as he dons a tight-fitting wetsuit and mask and acts the part of a superhero, along the way meeting several other non-super superheroes (Big Daddy, Hit Girl and Red Mist).

Speaking about the 'Kick-Ass' concept, creator Mark Millar wrote: "I always wondered why nobody did it before me." We're not sure where he has been, but there have been dozens of nerds who have decided to become superheroes, superpowers or not, well before Kick-Ass and his friends arrived.

Here are the 10 most nerd-tastic superheroes that 'Kick-Ass' will have to overcome; each example includes a trivia fact because we know nerds love them.
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