It's a shame that our mainstream news is driven by celebrity junk culture and divisive politicking, because sometimes big stories fall through the cracks while everyone is talking about Lady Gaga's abstinence or arguing over health care. How big? How about a radio wave emitted from an unknown object within Galaxy M82, hurtling toward us at four times the speed of light?

According to New Scientist, the emission does not follow the pattern of radio waves occurring naturally after a supernova, nor does it appear to be the product of a black hole, since the location of the emission sits off-center in M82. It behaves like a microquasar, a kind of black hole that absorbs the gas of a nearby star, but microquasars emit x-ray radiation and that radiation is nowhere to be found.

"We don't know what it is," says Tom Muxlow, co-discoverer of the anomaly at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysicts. I'm going to offer my own highly trained scientific expertise, based solely on the film Star Trek Generations -- It's clearly the Nexus, gentlemen.
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