Remember Kevin Pickford? In Dazed and Confused, he was the stoner dude itching to have an end-of-the-year blowout. He ordered some kegs and got stoned with his buds, but the parental units didn't hit the road for their vacation early enough, and Pickford's party dreams were dashed quickly and savagely. That being said, he did have the arms of girlfriend Michelle (Milla Jovovich) to fall into, so it's hard to really pity him ... especially when he, as in Shawn Andrews, got to marry her in real life. (She was just 16 back then, so the marriage was annulled pretty quickly.)

Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that he will star in The Last Beat -- a fictional account of Jim Morrison's final days. The brainchild of writer/director Robert Saitzyk, the drama will look into the last days of a famous American rock star in the '70s named Jay Douglas, and how he handled romances with two women in Paris: "a glamorous French Countess named Clemence and his California 'soulmate,' Valerie Eason."

Could we, please, get a Jovovich reunion? The girl knows her way around a guitar (as evidenced by her "Divine Comedy" and "Peopletree Sessions") and it's about damned time she put aside the zombies and got musical once again. In reality, there wasn't a countess anyway (although there was an American he "married"), so why not a gal who strums the guitar for the rock star?

The film will jump into production this October in Paris. What do you think of Pickford channeling Jim Morrison?
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