I'm a bit of an obsessive freak when it comes to anything Cronenberg. I'd pay money to live inside that man's head for just a moment. The Canadian director's cinema fascinates me with its recurrent themes, bizarre imagery, and intelligence. Cronenberg's films are smart and subversive in a way unlike most other genre titles, and since I love that about his body of work, it seems only fitting that I chose Scanners as this week's Horror Squad Movie Club selection.

Scanners is a well-known film, but that doesn't mean it's not worth seeing and discussing in detail. Sure, everyone knows all about the infamous exploding head sequence, but there's so much more to it than that. The traditional Cronenbergian themes abound in this tale, which focuses on a lone "scanner" recruited to stop Darryl Revok (Michael Ironside) and his secret organization's plan to take over the world through the use of their telekinetic abilities. It's a heady (pun fully intended ... ) good time featuring psychic combat, lots of gooey stuff, and one of Michael Ironside's greatest performances. Plus it's Cronenberg! What more could you ask for?

Get good head after the jump and check out the trailer. View the film on Netflix Instant Watch this weekend, then report back here Monday evening and share your thoughts in the discussion post.