Poor Ben. He's been having violent nightmares about slaughtering everyone he gets his hands on. Is it because there is a serial killer known as the "head breaker" running rampant through his city? Or is it because he's actually a demonic killing machine? Director Brian Schiavo has the answer in his new indie flick, The Shriven.

A quick Google search doesn't show that The Shriven is based on an entity of the same name, but in Schiavo's movie (which he also stars in) the Shriven is a beautiful and deadly woman that Ben meets. By day, Nina is a hottie boombalottie but, by night she's a blood-thirsty demoness who eventually reveals to Ben that he is a Shriven too. The kicker is, Ben is destined to become her mate, but he doesn't handle the whole feeding-on-humans-to-live thing very well. I can't say I blame him. Personally, I'd rather be a Succubus because then I'm guaranteed some sexy-time before my kill and there's a lot less mess when you're feeding off of energy vs. gore.

The film also stars Sienna Aldridge and Amanda Rising. Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.
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