Fans of DC'sJonah Hex have been jonesing for a look at Warner Bros' take on the scarred gunslinger for months. After all, a sizzle reel ran at ComicCon to an enthusiastic audience, so we know there's something to see. But all we've gotten so far is one official still, a lot of paparazzi shots of Josh Brolin and Megan Fox standing around and looking pretty, and talk of reshoots.

But that may finally change. Rumor has it there's a teaser attached to the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street, which hits theaters on April 30. But even that is still being whispered about, and Vulture took advantage of the delay to talk to Brent Hinds, singer and guitarist of Mastodon, who was hired to score the film. Tales of delays abound, though purely on the soundtrack side of things as Hinds attempted to fit new music to scenes, then started over from scratch for composer Marco Beltrami.

Will the teaser hit audiences soon enough to wind them up for Hex's release date on June 18? That's the million dollar question. At this point, the film isn't on anyone's radar, and they could send its release date back to August without too much negativity. Vulture's insiders are saying that the studio will have to spend all their money on television spots to make up for lost time, and that not having a trailer by now "is the movie equivalent to spending $150,000 on your wedding, but then waiting to mail out invitations until the weekend before." But it's really the geeks who keep track of this stuff. Your average moviegoer doesn't seem to notice movie marketing until the last two weeks before a film hits theaters, so perhaps Jonah Hex will actually benefit from sneaking up on them unawares. After all, that's what he's always been good at.

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