There really is no one quite like Vincent Gallo. To this day I adore Buffalo 66, but I sense there's a reason why everyone in that film looks so miserable, and it's probably because Gallo is a miserable man to work for. He's a play-it-straight kind of guy who follows his own set of rules, and if you don't go by what he says, then f*ck you, f*ck your family and get lost. That's the kind of guy he is. He's probably ruined every relationship he ever had in Hollywood by now (though he continues to get acting work, so someone obviously still likes him), and he hasn't directed a film since The Brown Bunny was booed out of Cannes back in 2003. But that doesn't mean he's not still wildly entertaining.

Our friends over at Hikari Takano have sent over this hilarious audio "conversation" with Vincent Gallo from a couple years ago. In it, Gallo goes off on several topics and bashes a number of actors and filmmakers in the process. Here's a preview of some of the stuff he talks about:

  • How he fired Kirsten Dunst from Brown Bunny because her agent called him directly, and he refuses to talk to agents while making a movie.
  • If you work on one of his films, he decides what credit you get.
  • Eric Roberts had sex with sister Julia Roberts and that's why they don't speak.
  • Spike Jonze is an "embarrassing fraud" who knows nothing about anything, and is always the least interesting person at the party. He's just a rich Jew from New York who hung out with black people because he wanted to be cool.
  • Sofia Coppola will only be friends with people who can do stuff for her. "If she wants to be a filmmaker, she'll f**k a filmmaker. If she wants to be a photographer, she'll f**k a photographer."
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