Everything old is new again, be it Yogi Bear, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Smurfs, or Popeye. Now Mighty Mouse wants his turn, and Paramount is going to give it to him. According to The LA Times, Paramount is on the hunt for writers and a director to bring the superpowered rodent to the big screen.

As the Times notes, the time is really ripe for a Mighty Mouse comeback with all things Marvel and DC being brought to life. Mighty Mouse was based on Superman (he even wore a red and blue costume when he started in the 1940s), and was really intended to be a superhero satire, albeit a gentle one. It's possible Paramount could even take that route again, although it's more likely they'll go the broader route of appealing to all ages. And really, did kids ever pick up he was a satire on DC Comics? I certainly didn't. I just thought he was a flying, adorable mouse.

Since most superhero adaptations are skewing a bit old, bringing Mighty Mouse back and aiming him squarely at the Spongebob Squarepants set might be a really good idea. He's the perfect character to introduce small ones to caped crusaders, and if Paramount gets going on this, he might hit the screen sometime around The Avengers. But since animation rarely follows a real zeitgeist, I suspect he'll be revamped just enough to be ultra-hip for a single season, just like his fellow rodents, The Chipmunks.
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