I have been saying for years that the world needs an amazing Bigfoot movie. Could John Poague's Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyonbe the one? It was completed in 2006, but has been dormant all this time. Now, Dread revealed the trailer for the film which stars porn veteran Ron Jeremy as Ranger Dick Rik. Remember when watching the trailer, he's the other hairy one with the mustache.

When a group of friends head out for a camping adventure in the mountains, they have no idea that soon they'll be mauled one-by-one by Holler Creek Canyon's resident fur ball, Bigfoot. Judging from the trailer, it looks like we'll be getting some head-crushing action in this one, which sadly still doesn't have a release date as of now.

No one's really worked on figuring out a way to present Bigfoot -- they always go for the lowest common denominator, which is fun, but I think it's time he got his just desserts. If Bigfoot existed all these years and was never found, he's probably a lot smarter than some dumb beast. He'd be more like a Predator in that he'd be stealthy and really good at staying hidden, which means he's smart or cunning. It's sad when Harry and the Hendersons is arguably the best Bigfoot film -- unless you count the Abominable Snowman. Films like Shriek of the Mutilated, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Syfy'sAbominable and Snowbeastwere kinda ok -- but nothing has blown me away yet.

Hit the jump for the trailer to catch a glimpse of a guy in a monkey suit. Sad face.

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