How do they do it? How do they grind out these films? It's as though the head of SyFy shows up every week and says, "Here's $500. Make a movie about a giant CG monster. I don't care. Just put some Baywatch wash-ups in it and have it done by Thursday." It seems as though every time I dip into the internet, SyFy is announcing 'Bearshark' or 'Mega-Dino Cat'. They're really turning into the Mad Libs of schlock. Somehow, they're encouraged by the results of their endeavors. Somehow, they're turning some sort of profit. I blame our own Peter Hall.

Well, add a few more gems to the damned onslaught that Alison exposed us to last month. Now we have 'The Other Side' and 'Roadkill' to look forward to.

In Roadkill, written by Rick Suvalle (Astroboy), a group of friends take a scenic RV road trip to their high-school reunion. Their cross-country adventure takes a decidedly unexpected turn when an ancient Gypsy curse takes wing by way of a giant flesh-eating bird of prey.

The Other Side, written by Douglas G. Davis (Carny), is the story of a groundbreaking device designed to glimpse alternate universes. But when the machine malfunctions on its first demonstration and transports a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension of bizarre alien terrors, the travelers must use ingenuity and courage to survive. But even if they stay alive, without a working transport, the group may never make it home.

So we've got yet another giant monster movie and a flick that sounds something like a made for TV version of Half Life? If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go smash my cable box.

Head straight to SyFy if you're dying to hear more.
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