I am a bit shocked but definitely thrilled that I Am Lovewon last week's Trailer Park poll with 26% of the votes. Now, if only that meant it would also do better at the box office than losers like Sex and the City 2 and The Other Guys, which came in second place (you Cinematical readers certainly have different tastes).

This week's crop of trailers is pretty underwhelming. None are relatively bad -- okay, maybe the one for Grown Upsis bad, but it's still the perfect kind of advertising for the kind of movie it is and the kind of audience it's targeting -- but for the most part they're extraordinarily ordinary. And that's fitting since the only trailer I could even imagine making my top choice this week is for a film called The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of Jose Gonzalez. Part of my reason for liking this international trailer is that it doesn't seem to be for a documentary. Is that deceiving? I mean, it's not selling the film, about the titular Argentine-Swedish folk singer, as if it were a superhero blockbuster or a romantic comedy. It still appears to a bleak foreign film that appeals to a limited audience.

I guess I'm just glad it doesn't come across as another depressing musician bio-doc like The Devil and Daniel Johnston and You're Going to Miss Me. Instead it comes across as another depressing Swedish film -- with animated sequences. I'm sure that if it ever makes it to the states, a new trailer will be more forthcoming in what this film is and about (especially for those of us not familiar with the real-life singer-songwriter). Regardless, I'm already intrigued and hooked by this one. Check it out, as well as my list of the best trailers of the week and the usual poll for you to vote on your favorite, after the jump.