Have plans to attend this month's Tribeca Film Festival? Then you should certainly make time to Meet Monica Velour. Writer-director Keith Bearden's film, which is one of the acquisition titles playing this year's festival, will be making its world premiere on April 25th. We've got an exclusive clip to get you in the mood.

Billed as a modern day updating of '80s comedies like Last American Virgin, Weird Science, Losin' It, and My Tutor, this sexy-sweet feature stars newcomer Dustin Ingram (who's rockin' a Napoleon Dynamite-like hairstyle) as a geeky high school grad on a quest to meet his favorite porn star – one Monica Velour, star of such porntastical treasures as Saturday Night Beaver. Kim Cattrall plays the title character, an aging porn star still in the biz.

In the clip, Ingram's character is at dive strip club to see his idol strut her stuff. While he's busy having a nerdgasm over Velour's going-through-the-motions performance (set to the sultry sounds of Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack's Tonight I Celebrate my Love for You ... ), a group of guys at the next table are busy making the prerequisite obnoxious granny jokes.

It's hard to get a feel for Meet Monica Velour based on this short snippet, but I like what I've seen so far. If it manages to strike the perfect balance between raunchy and sweet, Bearden and company could have a hit on their hands. Grab some dollar bills and hit the jump for sexy-time.