The box office numbers won't be in for another day or two, so I don't want to say thatKick-Assis the indie movie that could, but it's already provided some inspiration to other comic book adaptations. There are books that no studio wants to touch, many of them written by bad boy Garth Ennis, and now more of them are looking at financing themselves. That's the case with Ennis' Crossed, which Variety reports is going into a scrappy, indie production.

is very typical Ennis book, full of gruesome and shocking mayhem. It follows the survivors of a zombie-like plague (is there any other kind?). Those infected are marked with a cross-like rash on their faces (see to your right), and are driven to commit all their most evil and vicious desires. Murder, rape, arson, and torture are the favorite sins, all in combinations only Ennis can dream of. In case that's not nasty enough, you become one of the "crossed" by being infected with their bodily fluids, so they tend to prepare their weapons accordingly.

Who is taking this saga on? Producer Ken F. Levin, Michael De Luca, Jason Netter, and Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Productions. They're going to independently finance Crossed, as Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar did with Kick-Ass, and then shop it to distributors. With genre marketing avenues like ComicCon, this is probably going to be happening more and more -- and for small, creator-owned books like Crossed, that's great news for big-screen adaptations. Let's just hope they don't all spray bodily fluids at the audience!

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