After winning the rights to distributeMachete to all its anxious fans, Fox has picked a pretty damned accurate release date for the brutal savage played by Danny Trejo. Deadline reports that Machete will hit screens on Labor Day Weekend -- just about the perfect time for the Mexican day laborer who seeks revenge on those who double-crossed him.

One of the most beloved aspects of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse experience, Machete follows a former Mexican Federale who's hired to assassinate a senator. Just as he's about to take the man out, he realizes that someone's aiming at him and he's been set up. This, of course, ticks off Machete and he vows to take out the baddies who double-cross him. Robert Rodriguez wrote and co-directed the flick with Ethan Maniquis, and the cast boasts the likes of Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Don Johnson, and even Steven Seagal as a drug lord named Torrez. (Hmm... Will Seagal plead the Machete defense when he has to explain his whole sex slave thing?)

September Third. Machete. Finally. And in case you forgot the magic of Danny Trejo's decent man living a decent life until he was turned into a brutal savage, hit the jump for the NSFW trailer that started it all.
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