There's not really any Howard the Duck on this Spanish Howard the Duck poster, but, wow, what an image. I guess that's Howard hovering just to the right of the logo, but he doesn't really look like Howard the Duck. As a matter of fact, does it even say "duck" anywhere on this one-sheet? I don't speak Spanish, but I can make out all the words, and none of the look like "duck."

I like to think that someone went to see this, based on the crazy, action-packed poster, with no idea they were sitting down for a movie starring a little person in a duck costume. All we got on our poster was a boring old egg with a duck bill sticking out. I prefer this one, with a giant, maniacal Jeffrey Jones face cackling over an image of Lea Thompson and Tim Robbins paralyzed with some kind of electric shock, but the poster needs just a little Howard to really make it super-awesome. Right now, it's just regular-awesome.

Howard the Duck has its fans (and detractors), but the source comics are so much better. The movie went from being a notorious bomb to a nostalgic cult flick over the years, so maybe a Howard revival might not be out of the question. If Marvel does bring him back to the big screen, I'm hoping for something that's less of a lightweight fantasy and more of a cultural satire, like the Steve Gerber comics.

You can see the poster in full after the jump.
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