Many moons ago, when I actively cared about graphic novels and comic books, I remember be forced by a friend to read Garth Ennis' "Preacher," a darkly comic, utterly fascinating and delightfully violent tale of a half-angel, half-demon possessed preacher crossing the American landscape in search of God. Although I only got a few issues in, it was enough to pique my curiosity when I first heard it was being adapted for the big screen. While we wait for this to get off the ground, Shock Till You Drop has brought us news by way of Variety that one of Ennis' most recent creations, the uber-violent "Crossed" is in the process of being developed for the big screen.

"Crossed," which is written by Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows, is a 2008, 10-issue series that follows a group of survivors trying to outrun and hide from the victims of a plague that turns people into horrible zombie-like monsters that have an annoying tendency to carry out their most evil thoughts and wishes. The title comes from a cross-shaped rash that appears on the faces of the infected.

"Crossed" will be independently financed by Michael De Luca (Sony), Jason Netter (Kickstart Comic Art Studios), and Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Productions with Dana Brunetti overseeing the process. The script was composed by Ennis himself, which Netter stated "knocked us all out."

Based on the synopsis alone, we could be in for one hell of a violent ride with this flick, though the tendency for this type of stuff to become watered down is enough to make me weary. Also, now I want to buy the damned trade paperback.
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