I am a Brad Anderson fanboy. Ever since seeing Session 9 eight years ago I have considered it the standard of contemporary psychological horror and the model upon which I would base my script should I ever decide to write one. Hell, I even modeled my own website after Session 9. So when I heard he was going to be directing a post-apocalyptic thriller called The Vanishing on 7th Street, I was beyond thrilled.

After months of silence on the matter, we're finally given an updated synopsis on the film, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting, which stars Hayden Christensen, John Leguizamo and Thandie Newton:

"A mysterious and seemingly global blackout causes countless populations to simply vanish, leaving only their clothes and possessions behind. A small handful of survivors band together in a dimly-lit tavern on 7th Street, struggling to combat the apocalyptic horror. Realizing they may in fact be the last people on earth, the darkness hones in on them alone."

Despite the presence of Anankin Skywalker, the movie, which was penned by Anthony Jaswinski, is in highly capable hands. Anderson is a highly underrated master of suspense, often eschewing blood and gore in favor of brooding tension and the fallibility of mankind, and judging by the synopsis, we're in for one Hell of a movie.

Head over here to check out the title card, which is a delightful throwback to Session 9. The Vanishing on 7th Streetis currently in post-production after filming in Detroit, a highly suitable location for a post-apocalyptic scenario.
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