I'm your host, Luke Mullen, breaking out from my usual post over at Horror Squad to bring you amazing news that will blow your mind. Lucasfilm, notoriously wary of re-releasing their films on new home video formats, has announced that they are working on a full-out Blu-ray box set with lots of special features including all six-films. While debate will certainly rage about the inclusion of the prequels alongside the OT, or Original Trilogy, it's great news to know that Lucasfilm is hard at work. I'm sure many Bothans will die to bring us this box set, but their deaths shall not be in vain! Well, actually it's up to Lucasfilm to make sure the deaths of many Bothans are not in vain, and they can easily do so ... by including the original theatrical versions of the OT in all their HD glory.

The news comes out from our friends at The Blu-ray Blog, keeping their fingers on the pulse of all the high-def goodness heading our way. They've also linked over to the good folks at IGN, who posted confirmation from Lucasfilm rep Steve Sansweet. Sansweet made the announcement during a panel at the C2E2 comic book convention in Chicago this weekend. Apparently, they've been at work "for a couple of years" on the new set. While there's no hint of a release date yet, the fact that they're even talking about it is great news for Star Wars fans.
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